it's feeling really cold.

yeah, we feel it too.
where we stand is mysteriously overwhelming—
even predictably futile.

and why not feel that way when even the universe says it's winding down!

so why are we here?
it's not complicated!

think ...
really think!
and question everything you believe about life.
all life, by any definition, drives to live and
all happy and healthy intelligent life can find no reason to quit. why?

we ARE
the change agents
of our domain— and the universe cannot defend itself against the human mind.

pay attention and you will notice that against the canvas of chaos— is life and it can think.
there is nothing too big that we can't change it,
and we are not running out of time.

and those voices that say otherwise?

don't make us say it - because your own mind tells you that they're lying.

so let's suck it up,
and not a hand out - but a hand up,
and let's put another log on the fire! © Joe Lombardo 2014


it's tuned to support the lie and it's doubts and faithlessness
caused by the rebel to foist rebellion at the showdown

there's never been darkness, there only not looking
there's no such as nothing, only not caring.

revealing what lies beyond.
there was nothing there.
pay attention carefully
THE SPIRIT IS AT WORK. © Joe Lombardo 2019

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